Off The Beaten Track Special 09 02 12: The Big Foot Episode

Today we explored the musical life and career of popular guitarist Rick “Bigfoot” Hulett. From recordings of early influences in the 50s and 60s through to a rare recording of The Bigfoot Band this year at Portland’s Aladdin Theatre.

Rick Hulett and host of Off The Beaten Track, Dan Ross. August, 2012

Hour 1:

Hour 2:

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  1. Sandy and bob Haechrel says:

    We loved, loved, loved the show, have been telling everyone about it and sharing this link so they can hear it. We thought it was one of the best shows ever, a real history course…plus I teared up more than once knowing of ricks recent struggles.

  2. Ben Bonham says:

    OK – fabulous show – i only have question.
    If Poncho Villa was bald – hence the tatoo – how could one drink to a lock of his hair?
    The only conclusion is not a very nice one!

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